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MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 ONENOTE X64 [thethingy] .rar birhari




See also List of Microsoft Windows components List of Microsoft Office products List of office suites file formats References External links Category:Windows-only software Category:Office suites Why did Apple re-reinvent the wheel? - smaili What is the reasoning behind the recent introduction of the various (apparent) new features on the Macbook, iPhone and iPad? Is it just because Apple is trying to keep up with others? Or is there a good reason behind this change? ====== jkopelman It's possible that they thought it was a good idea for a while, and have now had enough time to see that it was a poor idea (i.e. Android, and others have done it before). ------ itry There is a clear pattern to it: * apple implemented a feature that the web-oses didn't have yet * they were annoyed that the web-oses copied it * they said that the web-oses copied their feature * it turned out that the web-oses implemented their own version first anyway. Therefore Apple implemented the feature again. Disclaimer: Its just speculation. ------ pitchups Silly answer - Mac, iOS, AppleTV, etc. are pretty close to being a closed platform. And they are pretty entrenched in their business model. So it's just a pretty good business decision for them to ignore the likes of Android, WebOS, Symbian, etc. ------ joezydeco Apple does not care what others do. Android can do whatever it wants, so long as it works. Apple wants everyone to come to Apple. Apple is not the company that wants to be leading the next revolution. ------ hussong They don't reinvent anything. It's a question of selecting the right things to improve, not reinventing the wheel. ------ maxwin I think it is because we need a alternative to Android. Google co-founders are creating a new company to give back to the commons - johns ====== niels_olson I'm fascinated by the notion




MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 ONENOTE X64 [thethingy] .rar birhari

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